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Come and see our selection of 70's vintage arts and furniture

Our Catering Box

Try our Lunch box for busy days or your family picnic

Organic food

All our menus are hand made and organic food


Home made Vegan Banana Bread (V)   $7.50
*Gluten free option–                                     $9.00

Mueslie with Miixed Berry Compote (GF)  $12.00
Bush Honey Yoghurt, Blueberry,Rasberry    option: Coconut Yoghurt (DF) – Extra  $2.00

Acai Bowl (GF)     $14.00
Mueslie,Banana,Blueberry,Yoghurt,Honey   option: Coconut Yoghurt (DF) – Extra  $2.00

Shiitake Mushroom Rice Miso Porridge (GF,DF,V)   $13.00
Poached Egg, Baby Spinach,Spring Onion

Organic Free Range Eggs $12.50
(Scrambled,Poached,Fried or Soldier) Toast, Beetroot Relish

Wood Fired Bagels  $12.00
Smashed Avocado, Tomato,Sprout, Herb Spread

Free Range Egg Benedict, Soy,Tahini,Holandaise Sauce (DF)  $17.50

English Muffin, Baby Spinach, Portbello Mushroom,Smashed Avocado

Ricotta Buckwheat Pancakes (GF) $18.00
With home-made seasonal fruit compote & cream fraiche

Lunch from 11am

Homemade Vegetable Soup with Toast (V,DF) $12.50
Home-made seasonal vegetable soup served with toast

Mimosa Bowl (GF) $13.00
Brown Rice,Mixed Herby Beans, Olives, Avocado,Coriander,Mustard,Chedder Cheese &Sour cream

Japanese Style Curry $15.00
Seasonal Vegetable,Brown Rice,Green Salad

Mimosa Veggie Burger $18.00
Soy Mince,Mushroom&Bean Patte, Lettuce,Tomato,Avocado,Pickles

Teriyaki Tofu Bowl  $16.50

Organic Tofu,Brown rice,Salad, Miso Soup


Avocado, Tomato, Mixed Herby Beans $3.00

Organic Free Range Egg, Miso Soup  $2.50

Toast per Slice  $3.00




 Breakfast Box  $12.50 / -includes Muffin (+$2 Brioche), Afghan or Oats biscuit, Small Fruits Salad ( +$3 Granola)


 Morning Tea Box $11.00 / -includes Egg Bap , Mini Quiche, Brownie


Lunch Box  $16.00 / – includes Chicken & Avo Sandwich (choice of Turkish ,5-grain or Ciabatta Bread) / Small Salad (choice of Raw Power, Brown Rice or Quinoa), Seasonal Fruits Pot, Afghan or Oats Biscuit


* Minimum of 4 boxes per order
* 24 hours notice required for next day delivery
* Any size of coffee or hot choco for $3 with box
* Menu can be altered and gluten-free & Vegan option available!



Organic and Fair Trade Cafe
460 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand Phone: 09-486-2020

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New vegetarian menu

We have transformed to a vegetarian cafe now! The head chef is vegan cooking specialist. Come and try