Hi and welcome to Mimosa,

We are located on Lake road in Takapuna. We have a Japanese inspired menu sourcing mainly organic and gluten free ingredients. We have recently changed our menu to  vegetarian with many of our options vegan!

Our cabinet is packed with sweet and savoury goods that accommodate almost any dietary requirement.






Dark Chocolate & Cherry Porridge (V,GF) $14.80

Perfect for the cooler mornings. 

Organic oats, raw cacao, vegan chocolate, almond milk, pistachios, coconut chips.


Organic Acai Bowl (V* GF) $15.00

Cafe Favourite 

Organic banana, muesli, fresh fruits.

Coconut yogurt (V) extra $3.50


Organic Free Range Eggs (GF*) $13.00

Toast, beetroot relish


Eggs Benedict w/ Vegan Hollandaise (GF*) $18.00

Organic free range eggs, english muffin, baby spinach, portobello, smashed avo


Shitake & Tofu Miso Porridge (V*, GF) $16.00

White Organic Rice, Seasonal vegetables, Poached egg


Vegan Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough (V,GF*) $16.80

Portobello & button mushroom, porcini oil, home-made cashew cream


Vegan Coconut French Toast (V, GF*) $18.00

Seasonal compote, flaxseed, coconut nectar, coconut cream




Home-made Winter Soup w Toast (V, GF*) $13.00

Seasonal winter vegetable


Mimosa Bowl (V* GF) $13.50

Brown rice, mixed herby beans, olives, avocado, coriander, mustard, cheddar cheese, sour cream


Japanese Style Curry (V) $15.80

Seasonal vegetables, brown rice, green salad


Teriyaki Tofu & Veggie bowl (V, GF) $18.00

Brown rice, tofu, salad, miso soup


Warm Winter Beetroot Salad (V,GF) $15.80

Fresh green salad, vegan cheese, balsamic dressing


Raw Vegan Pizza (V,GF) $18.00

Raw tomato paste, vegan cheese, black olives, season fresh vegetables



Simple Simon Sammy $6.50

Chedder cheese, soft white bread, fruits


Toasty Soliders $6.50

Soft boiled Egg, toast



Organic Blueberry $7.50

Organic milk, Bio-farm yogurt and honey


Organic Banana $7.50

Organic milk, Bio-farm yogurt and honey


Green Power (V) $8.50

organic barley leaf, kale, banana, apple, orange, coconut water, avocado. Add coconut yogurt for an extra $0.50


Acai & Coconut (V) $8.50

Acai, blueberry, rasberry, bananan, coconut water


Raw Cacao & Almond (V) $8.50

Almond milk, dates, banana, raw cacao, vanilla bean. Add coffee for an extra $0.50


Ginger Bread Banana (V) $8.50

Flaxseed, banana, almond milk, spices, vanilla bean



Long/short black/macchiato $3.80

Flat white/cappuccino $4.00

Latte/chai/ginger $4.50

Large/extra shot $0.50

Decaf/Soy $0.80

Almond/Coconut $1.00



Avovado, tomato, mixed beans $3.50 each

Organic FR eggs, miso soup (GF) $3.00

Toast per slice $3.00

Spread, vegan hollandaise, relish $2.50


Selection of raw vegan, vegan and gluten free cakes in the cabinet



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